Lincoln on Divisiveness Within the Republican Party

“I do not feel justified to enter upon the broad field you present in regard to the political differences between radicals and conservatives.  From time to time I have done and said what appeared to me proper to do and say.  The public knows it all.  It obliges nobody to follow me, and I trust it obliges me to follow nobody.  The radicals and conservatives, each agree with me in some things, and disagree in others.  I could wish both to agree with me in all things; for then they would agree with each other, and would be too strong for any foe from any quarter.  They, however, choose to do otherwise, and I do not question their right.  I too shall do what seems to be my duty.”

Remarks, Washington, D.C., October 5, 1863


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Lincoln on the Republican Party

“All you have to do is to keep the faith, to remain steadfast to the right, to stand by your banner. Nothing should lead you to leave your guns. Stand together, ready, with match in hand. Allow nothing to turn you to the right or the left. Remember how long you have been in setting out on the true course; how long you have been in getting your neighbors to understand and believe as you now do. Stand by your principles; stand by your guns, and victory, complete and permanent, is sure at last.”

Speech at Chicago, March 1, 1859

“The chief and real purpose of the Republican Party is conservative. It proposes nothing save and except to restore this government to its original tone…”

Speech at Columbus, September 16, 1859


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