Looking to Lincoln for Principled Leadership, Direction and National Restoration

Dave Leroy on KIVI TV Channel 6 News
DAVE LEROY on KIVI TV Channel 6 News

Well before the crisis of the American Civil War when when addressing our nation’s political institution and its position of prosperity, Abraham Lincoln predicted: “If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”

“Lincoln Knew Idaho Too” – Remarks to Idaho State Senate March 3, 2016

In 1863, Abraham Lincoln, the First Republican President, signed the bill creating a “forever free” territory called Idaho. Today, Idaho is the 43rd state in a republic whose national government is approaching Lincoln’s suicidal tipping point. Facing the cumulative and emergent problems of modern day America, our nation has nearly lost the resolve, the direction and the process necessary to preserve our Union and its preeminence in the World.

David H. Leroy
David H. Leroy

The Idaho Lincoln Institute (“ILI”), founded by David H. Leroy, proposes to inform and inspire the re-adoption of fundamental, first principles to address the impasse and imbalance in our national dialog. Using the words, ideas and examples of the Sixteenth President, the ILI proposes help chart a new course to orient and enliven the Idaho electorate as a rallying point for the rest of the Nation. A combination of stronger states, defined constitutional process, sound money, competitive capitalism and empowered individuals will be the elixir for many of modern America’s ills. Book Dave Leroy as a speaker at your next event!

  • See “Purpose & Mission” for a more detailed proposition statement.
  • See “Look to Lincoln on the Issues” for a list of Lincoln’s comments and positions which reflect upon ideas relevant to the issues facing America today.