Purpose & Mission

Many of Abraham Lincoln’s comments, concepts and political positions, though issued in a vastly different country more than 150 years ago, are useful in orienting the politics of today. The Idaho Lincoln Institute (“ILI“) will focus on five major objectives:

I. RESTORE THE REPUBLIC – A duly limited national government revives Federalism, with the states as powerful, creative entities which curb the federal bureaucracy.

II. REVERE THE CONSTITUTION – A regard for the separation of powers and the proper exercise of the Framers’ planned checks and balances can be reestablished by a federal government with all its co-equal branches duly focused on proper process.

III. DEMAND FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY – Sound money is a must and may be re-achieved by balancing the national budget and simplifying the monetary collection process from taxpayers.

IV. UNLEASH MARKET PROSPERITY – Capitalism, encouraged not throttled, is a path to prosperity for the citizens, businesses, and states which collectively build a nation.

V. PROTECT INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS – Freedom is not free. Encroachments of all types from numerous sources must be detected, resisted and avoided. “Plainly the sheep and the wolf are not agreed upon a definition of the word liberty,” counseled Lincoln.

Using the words, ideas and examples of the Sixteenth President, the ILI proposes help chart a new course to orient and enliven the Idaho electorate as a rallying point for the rest of the Nation. A combination of stronger states, defined constitutional process, sound money, competitive capitalism and empowered individuals will be the elixir for many of modern America’s ills.

Idaho, with its strong orientation toward conservative and basic principles, represents the perfect site to relaunch a movement designed to improve the national condition and situation. The ILI is organizing and seeking fiscal support as a 501 (c)(3) corporation with the objective to contributing ideas and action toward popular support and a national dialog prior to the inauguration of a new presidential administration in January, 2017. Public opinion research, a website, position papers, issue oriented press releases and a speaker’s bureau will be utilized to shape and advocate the Lincoln history and message. Through these forms of direct voter contact and engagement, the ILI will identify and explain core messages that touch and preserve the basic values and political heritage of this Nation. If we honestly assess and agree who we are and where we wish to go as a people, then the bright promise and path of America can evolve and emerge again.